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My name is Yuri Martínez Ramos, a Cuban artist currently living in the United States. In few words my artworks are figurative oil on canvas paintings depicting the reality, dreams and fantasies of Cuban and American society. I imbue my art with magical realism characterized by the Latin American culture. Everyday life inspires both my artwork and how I express myself. Social events, personal dreams, distress, and the beauty of the human nature are the main elements of my Art Gallery. Enjoy navigating through the art gallery pages; all these Cuban paintings are sold with a Certificate of Authenticity. If you have any inquiries about how to purchase these artworks, do not hesitate to contact me. International buyers might settle an agreement regarding shipping and tax regulations in their country of origin before closing any transaction.

Yuri Martínez

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Oil on canvas | 41.1x53.3 inches

"The Descendant"

Oil on canvas | 30x30 inches

"Love at First Pipe"

Oil on canvas | 20x16 inches

"Memories of an Uncertain Future"

Oil on canvas | 51x43 inches

"Miami Mojito"

Oil on canvas | 30x24 inches


40x30 inches | Oil on canvas

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